Though 7 a.m. is early for most, it is not for Kilowatt Electric. Their staff is ready to take your order as the gate goes up and the doors open.

There have been many times that I need to get to a job early, and at the crack of dawn I can be at Kilowatt and get what I need at a moment's notice.

As a small business owner, Kilowatt has given me the opportunity to compete with some of the big electrical companies by offering me different options on material packages, even at the last minute. Electrical Masters has been doing business with Kilowatt for ten years now, and believe it or not, Kilowatt is an important function of my company. With the pricing and service, Electrical Masters could not probably function as efficiently as it does.

Overall the staff is knowledgeable in the materials, their names and nicknames, and most important of all you can always ask them questions about field work, which is important because we never know it all.

As an electrician I am thankful for the service Kilowatt offers. In this business you need a reliable supplier and Kilowatt is it!

Thank You,
Johnny G. Farias - One of Us, Representing Us
Former Candidate for State House District 112
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I wanted to write to you to express our extreme satisfaction with your company's professionalism, ethics and personnel. Every time we have needed help with project specifications, sales, support and terms, Kilowatt Electric has always been an outstanding supplier.

We greatly value our business relationship with you and your staff and keep Kilowatt Electric as our exclusive electrical supplier for Florida. We simply cannot think of any reason to take our business elsewhere.

You prices and policies have always been great and very fair.

We look forward to many years of continued business.


-- Ariel Enrique Gutiérrez, BSBME, MSCM, CSI, CGC
IDG Construction Co., Inc.
1835 NW 112th Ave.
Unit 168
Miami, FL 33172
305-406-2488 office
305-974-1808 fax

September 10/2010.

To Whom It May Concern:

I am happy to provide a reference for Kilowatt Electric Corp., an electrical supply business I have worked with for more than a decade. I've know Mr. Richard Jay for more than ten years and find him to be a respectable human being who is very honest, dependable and always willing to provide in-depth product support every time that it is required.

I sincerely expect to be doing business with Kilowatt Electric and Mr. Richard Jay for years to come.

Carlos Camps
Casper Engineering Corp.
4542 SW 71 Ave.
Miami, FL 33155
Phone: 305-629-8526 Fax: 305-629-8549

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